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The Road To Independence Begins At Home

A main focus of Montessori education is to help children become independent, self confident human beings. We take special care to design classroom environments that require children to do as much as possible for themselves. At home you can follow the same approach.

Preparation of the Home Environment
Dr. Montessori designed many interesting materials. By using these materials children discover information and master skills. Each material has a specific presentation and reason for being in the classroom. Parents can use this same approach with children at home. Here are some ideas:

Living Room

  • a small comfortable chair near a good light
  • the possibility to see outside through a window
  • beautiful, interesting objects in the environment that the child can safely handle


  • low clothes rack and hooks in closet
  • place to hang up clothes each day
  • toy shelves low and in neutral color
  • toy shelves are preferred over a toy box because they attractively display the toys
  • one or two large interesting pictures at the eye level of the clild
  • a small table and chairs
  • a shelf for books


  • mirror at child’s eye level
  • toothbrush and brush/comb within reach
  • towel, wash cloth and towel rack within reach
  • steps at sink so child can turn on water and wash hands


  • child’s own chair at table
  • possibility of getting own water at the sink when she wants it
  • sponges and towels at child’s level so she can wipe up her spills
  • a low drawer that contains any materials she needs for participating actively in the care of the environment

Activities a Small Child Can Easily Perform in the Home Environment
Important aspects of a child’s personality and intellect can develop through participation in the everyday life of the family. These include independence, self-control, self-confidence, and the joy of learning. A child loves to work and deeply enjoys accomplishing something purposeful. By creating a well-thought-out-environment, showing your child how things work in that environment and allowing her to do as much herself as possible, you are well on the way to helping your child develop to the best of her ability.

  • turning a water faucet on and off
  • scrubbing sinks
  • sweeping
  • vacuuming
  • pouring
  • putting toys away
  • making her bed

Other Activities That Can Developed

  • reading to your child every day
  • cooking
  • sorting clothes prior to washing
  • folding clothes and putting then away
  • weeding
  • raking leaves
  • watering plants indoors and outdoors
  • washing the car
  • wrapping packages
  • helping decorate the home for holidays
  • washing and drying dishes after meals