Montessori Discovery School


A Word From Our Parents

My wife, Audrey, and I have two children, Max and Ginger, who attend MDS’ elementary program. We are thrilled about the learning environment, the fantastic staff and programs that MDS offers

Scott Weston,

MDS encourages children to learn from their everyday life and from the environment all around them. As a past MDS parent I am so happy about the education my son received and the opportunity to serve the MDS school community

Michele Devine,

My wife and I were immediately struck by the unique atmosphere of beautiful spaces, tranquil classrooms abuzz with activity, and the gentle nature of the staff working with the students. Without knowing anything about Montessori education, we felt what we stumbled upon was the closest match to our idealized wish list for a child’s educational journey. Montessori is the best method of schooling we’ve found that encourages responsibility, independence, self-discipline, leadership, compassion, strong academics, divergent thinking and the solid foundation that promotes a lifelong love of learning, all without a misplaced emphasis on homework, grades or tests.

Richard Berdan,

In addition to the advantages of Montessori education, MDS really stands out because of its excellent staff. The teachers’ dedication is truly remarkable.

Greg Knott,

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