Montessori Discovery School

Summer of Discovery 2023

Summer of Discovery 2023 (6 -10-year-olds)

June 26 to August 18, 2023
Celebrate summer the Montessori Discovery way, where children are invited to follow their curiosity, cultivate wonder, and mix fun and learning in a joyful, nurturing environment.

Week 1 (6/26-6/30) Show Us Your Green Thumb!  

Think: kids spending time outdoors and getting their hands dirty. AKA, the way it should be! During this week, we’ll learn about gardening and growing our own food hands-on. Children will spend time in the MDS gardens planting, watering, and learning gardening tips and tricks. We’ll learn about permaculture, pollinators like bees and butterflies, and compost, too!  

Week 2 (7/2-7/7) Fun with Fibers!

During this week, we will learn about fibers and where they come from—even paying a  visit to our very own llamas! We will explore a variety of different fiber arts, from weaving to sewing to felting. We’ll also learn about natural dyeing, making our own non-toxic dyes from plants.  

Week 3 (7/10-7-14) Pages for Ages!   

Come tell your story! In this program, we’ll dive into the vast world of books.  Throughout the week, we’ll explore different genres, taking a look at a variety of children’s authors and illustrators. We’ll practice expressing ourselves through our writing and illustrations. At the end of the week, each child will leave with a  completed work they are proud of.  

Week 4 (7/17-7/21) Out of this World!  

This week is all about outer space! We’ll learn about stars, moons, planets, black holes,  and constellations, all while having fun with space-themed art activities and STEM  experiments. We’ll even have our own rocket launch with bottle rockets! Let’s get out of this world!  

Week 5 (7/24-7/28) Fun in the Sun! 

This is the week for all things summer fun! Think homemade lemonade and popsicles,  sprinklers and water balloons, tie-dye t-shirts and friendship bracelets, relay races and outdoor games… Plus, a trip to the “beach” featuring sea creatures from our very own  Mystic Aquarium!  

Week 6 (7/31- 8/4) All About Herbs!  

This week is all about herbs! This week, the hard work we’ve put into the MDS  gardens throughout the school year and summer will pay off. We will be harvesting produce and herbs from the gardens and preparing dishes using what we have grown!  We will be specifically focusing on the many benefits of herbs and the many  (delicious) ways they can be consumed—in teas, treats, and… even homemade ice cream!

Week 7 (8/7- 8/11) Ready, Set, Action! 

Lights, camera, action! From screenwriting to costume, prop, and set design to filming and editing, this week students will have the opportunity to craft their own play and scene. We will have a grand time exploring the art of play creation and share our performance at the end of the program!

Week 8 (8/14- 8/18)Nature Art! 

Spend the day outside observing, recording, and learning about art through nature! This week we will create art based on what we find in nature. We will study ephemeral art and learn to use natural objects around us to create our own masterpieces. We will have fun with outdoor exploration, nature journals, painting with nature, and studying famous artists who based their own expression on our natural surroundings. 

Hours & Fees: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. $300 per program.

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