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Summer of Discovery 2022

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Summer of Discovery 2022 (6 -10 year olds)

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Summer Programs Are Open To All Children Including Those Who Do Not Attend MDS.
  • Children have fun and learn at the same time
  • 8 one week segments with different areas of focus
  • Hands on experimentation
  • Projects reflect students’ interests

Each group will be limited to 14 children. MDS staffers lead this program. Weekly sessions run Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Please note: Our elementary building is peanut free.

2022 Summer of Discovery Weekly Themes

Week 1: Show Us Your Green Thumb!
(June 27-July 1)
Think: kids spending time outdoors and getting their hands dirty. AKA, the way it should be! During this week, we’ll learn about gardening and growing our own food hands-on. Children will spend time in the MDS gardens planting, watering, and learning gardening tips and tricks, as well as learning about the life cycle of certain plants. We’ll also spend time learning about compost & its benefits for both the environment and the garden! Hope you’re not afraid of worms…!

Week 2: Discovering the Writer Within!
(July 5-8)

Come tell your story! In this program, we’ll dive into the vast world of writing. Throughout the week, we’ll explore different genres, such as poetry, fiction, fairy tales, and playwriting. We’ll do writing workshops, reading and critiquing one another’s work, just like real writers! At the end of the week, each child will leave with a completed work they are proud of.

Week 3: Full STEAM Ahead!
(July 11-15)

Can plastic turn into milk? What makes a bottle rocket fly? Can you power a light bulb with a… lemon?! Well, this week we’re going to find out! This week we will conduct science experiments and work on critical thinking and problem-solving through LEGO engineering and tower-building. We will encourage kids to get curious and ask questions about the world around us. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find some answers

Week 4: Fun in the Sun!
(July 18-22)

This is the week for all things summer fun! Think homemade lemonade and popsicles, sprinklers and water balloons, tie-dyed t-shirts and friendship bracelets, relay races, and outdoor games… Plus, a trip to the “beach” featuring sea creatures!

Week 5: Let’s Get Crafty!
(July 25-29)

Calling all arts-and-crafters! This week is all about exploring our inner creative sides. We’ll enjoy a variety of arts and crafts activities, from beading and jewelry to collaging, to creating self-portraits. We will be exploring different artistic mediums, as well as spending time outdoors and creating art inspired by the world around us!

Week 6: Farm to Table!
(Aug. 1-5)

Calling all chefs! This week is all about cooking! This week, the hard work we’ve put into the MDS gardens throughout the school year and summer will pay off. We will be harvesting produce from the gardens and preparing dishes that use what we have grown! Children will learn about how to eat with the seasons—and how yummy it can be! (Don’t worry, it won’t all be fruits and vegetables—we’ll be baking some yummy treats, too!)

Week 7: Write, Produce, Direct, & Film!
(Aug. 8-12)

Lights, camera, action! From screenwriting to costume, prop, and set design to filming and editing, this week students will have the opportunity to craft their own play and scene. We will have a grand time exploring the art of play creation and share our performance at the end of the program!

Week 8: Ecosystem and Nature!
(Aug. 15-19)

Learn about our Connecticut ecosystem and how it works! Spend the day outside observing, recording, and learning about how a full ecosystem is in our backyard thriving and surviving. This week we will study how plants and animals all work together. We will have fun with habitat building, outdoor exploration, nature journals, microscopy, and adventure. We will add in some LARP just to have fun in the outdoors and do adventuring in our own llama pasture!

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