Montessori Discovery School

What’s Happening Now at MDS?

It’s been almost six weeks since we sent our students home and we are now completing the fifth week of our “MDS at Home” distance learning program. We want to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! to our teachers, students and families for their work in making this transition. MDS at Home can only be successful with the full participation of all and we are really proud of our community. We hope that we will be able to see all of our students, parents and teachers again here at MDS in person, but we are continuing to plan as if we will finish the school year at a distance.

We are also thinking about summer and attracting families for the fall. We are planning to hold a virtual Open House for families who are interested in finding out more about MDS. If you are interested, please complete the inquiry form on our web page ( and we will keep you updated.