Montessori Discovery School

2016 Peace Runners Visit Montessori Discovery School

Eleven peace runners stopped at Montessori Discovery School on their way through Connecticut to New York. Coming from countries all over the world, the runners visited our elementary students on Thursday, August 11.  Our visitors explained that running across the US is their way of encouraging world harmony.  World Harmony runners are active across the world every two years to stress our need for a peaceful world.  During their visit, each runner invited our students to guess their home country, based on the clues they provided. (We did pretty well.)  They showed us how to seek peace in our hearts and finished their visit with skits showing peaceful and not so peaceful behavior as well as leading us in their peace song.  The students then got a chance to hold the peace flame and follow the lead runner around the playground before our visitors ran on to downtown Norwich.  You can find out more about the World Harmony Run and see more pictures of their visit at MDS at