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Summer Fun (3 – 6 year olds)

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Summer Programs Are Open To All Children Including Those Who Do Not Attend MDS

  • Mixes fun and learning the Montessori way
  • Offers children order and routine as well as the freedom to choose what they want to do
  • A different theme every week
  • We’re flexible so projects follow children’s interests

Our Summer Fun program is available by the week. You may choose one week, several weeks or the entire eight weeks; whatever works best for your schedule.

2020 Summer Fun Weekly Themes:

Week 1 Yoga for Body, Mind and Fun! (June 22 – 27)
Yes, yoga! Balance, flexibility, peace, and wellbeing! This week is all about adventure and exploration of everything yoga using relaxation activities to storytelling. We will have fun discovering different ways to move and connect with our bodies in a peaceful and joyful environment. Children will jump at the chance to assume the role of animals, trees, flowers and warriors! The children will create theatrical activities such as telling stories through yoga poses to release their inner yogi!

Week 2 KID ART! Create! Explore! Discover! (June 29 – July 3)
Kids and art: a match made in heaven! During this week we’ll explore art in many ways. We will build from recycled materials, explore color mixing experiments and create our own masterpieces a la famous artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh!

Week 3 Fun in the Sun (or Rain)! (July 6 – 10)
Does your child enjoy outside exploration? Then this week is for them! We’ll create obstacle courses, build outside structures and explore water play through sensory activities like sprinklers and water tables! At the end of the week, the children will prepare their lunch and celebrate with a picnic.

Week 4 Kicking up our Heels with Llamas and Horses! (July 13 – 17)
We’ll spend the week investigating llamas and horses. Where did they come from? How are they the same? How are they different? Our llamas will make an appearance and we’ll bake special horse treats for a surprise visitor! We’ll get up close and personal with all the tack needed to ride a horse.

Week 5 Gardening…or Grubbing around in the Dirt! (July 20 – 24)
Let’s celebrate the natural world by learning different ways to help our environment! We’ll investigate how things grow so we can eat. We’ve planned some exciting gardening projects.. We will spend the week getting our hands dirty while building our own ecosystems and exploring how living things work together. Over the week we’ll practice patience, cooperation, teamwork and social skills as we work together to plant some of our favorite plants and vegetables.

Week 6 A “Camping” we will Go! (July 27 – 31)
This is the third year for this very popular theme. We’ll explore our outside environment with a nature scavenger hunt, tell “campfire” stories and create mud paint. We’ll set up our own tent and investigate camping gear. The children will learn to make their own binoculars to use as we explore the magical world surrounding MDS. Flower arranging is a nice touch! Of course, while camping we’re most likely going to have a sweet treat… Maybe s’mores and some homemade lemonade.

Week 7 Let’s get Cooking! (August 3 – 7)
Kids love to explore with food. We will taste test a variety of fruits and vegetables, and create salads using tomatoes and cucumbers harvested from our MDS garden! We will also create our own smoothies, applesauce, ice cream, and more! During the process, the children will experience math and science through counting, measuring, observing and questioning. Where does our food come from? How does cooking change the look, smell, and texture of food? How do grapes taste different when they are frozen? There are just a few of the questions we will explore during this delicious week!

Week 8 Sewing & Beading & Crafting, Oh My! (August 10 – 14)
Kids love to make things! This is the week we’ll investigate all sorts of handicrafts. We’ll plan some projects and we’ll also create on the fly, based on the kids’ interests…Felting? No problem! Sewing, Why not? While students are having fun creating things, they’re also learning and improving their fine motor skills. Just wait to see what comes home by the end of the week!

Summer Fun follows the Montessori approach:

  • Materials are displayed on child-sized shelves
  • Children are free to move about and choose their own activities
  • Younger children learn from watching older children; older children help the younger ones
  • Children are encouraged to develop independence while at the same time to become part of a caring community
  • Learning to work together and solve problems respectfully is an important part of our program

Children can also use puzzles, blocks and a whole range of everyday living activities such as sewing, pouring and spooning. Although we usually eat lunch inside, sometimes we’ll have a picnic lunch in the shade. We have two playgrounds for outside fun that includes water play.

Our Summer Fun program offers children who will be joining our Montessori classrooms in the fall a chance to get to know us. This usually leads to an easier adjustment to our educational program. Montessori Discovery School staff members lead our Summer Fun program.

Application includes pricing and schedule