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Summer Fun (3 – 5 year olds)

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Summer Programs Are Open To All Children Including Those Who Do Not Attend MDS

  • Mixes fun and learning the Montessori way
  • Offers children order and routine as well as the freedom to choose what they want to do
  • Activities in four areas: arts and crafts, cooking, music and movement, science and nature
  • We’re flexible so projects follow children’s interests

Our Summer Fun program is available by the week. You may choose one week, several weeks or the entire eight weeks; whatever works best for your schedule.

Summer Fun follows the Montessori approach:

  • Materials are displayed on child-sized shelves
  • Children are free to move about and choose their own activities
  • Younger children learn from watching older children; older children help the younger ones
  • Children are encouraged to develop independence while at the same time to become part of a caring community
  • Learning to work together and solve problems respectfully is an important part of our program

Children can also use puzzles, blocks and a whole range of everyday living activities such as sewing, pouring and spooning. Although we usually eat lunch inside, sometimes we’ll have a picnic lunch in the shade. We have two playgrounds for outside fun that includes water play.

Our Summer Fun program offers children who will be joining our Montessori classrooms in the fall a chance to get to know us. This usually leads to an easier adjustment to our educational program. Montessori Discovery School staff members lead our Summer Fun program.

Summer Fun integrates the following activities throughout the entire eight weeks:

Arts & Crafts
Children love to work with their hands and stretch their creative instincts. Arts and crafts offer so many possibilities. Projects are in the planning stage, but you can bet they will be fun. The children’s imaginations can lead to some very interesting creations.

Young children love to cook. We slow down and cook for the fun of it. Cooking encourages fine motor development, thinking skills and cooperation. It also helps children learn to work in sequence and, best of all; they get to eat their own creations! During Summer Fun, children will make their own snacks using herbs and vegetables from the school’s garden. They’ll learn basic cooking skills, how to follow a recipe and how to wash dishes. The ever popular scissor salsa is on the menu, as is our group breakfast and mini pizzas. Yum!

Music and Movement
Singing and dancing are ways of bringing joy into our lives. Children are drawn to experiment with their voices and bodies. We’ll sing songs, play rhythm instruments and listen to all sorts of music. We’ll experiment with our own home-made musical instruments to use in our own MDS band!

Science and Nature
We’ll go on nature walks in our own backyard and collect things like sticks and stones, plants and flowers. We’ll visit the llamas and hens and learn all about the eggs we collect.  We’ll tend the school’s gardens and harvest herbs and vegetables.  We’ll learn what happens to things we recycle and how that helps our planet.

Application includes pricing and schedule