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Summer of Discovery (6 -10 year olds)

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Summer Programs Are Open To All Children Including Those Who Do Not Attend MDS.

  • Children have fun and learn at the same time
  • 6 one week segments with different areas of focus
  • Hands on experimentation
  • Projects reflect students’ interests

Each group will be limited to 14 children. MDS staffers lead this program. Weekly sessions run Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Please note: Our elementary building is peanut free.

2018 Summer of Discovery Weekly Themes

Build It with Ms Tara (July 9 – 13)
This week we will explore many different styles of architecture, from the time of the Early Humans to present day! We will use a variety of unusual materials both indoors and outdoors to recreate some of the most famous architectural wonders, as well as coming up with our own innovative creations!

Dinosaurs with Ms Tara (July 16 – 20)
This week we will be traveling way back in time to the prehistoric age of dinosaurs! Come join us as we embark on a variety of dinosaur-themed activities and crafts, including making our own fossils, digging for dinosaur bones, and much more!

Cooking with Ms Marna (July 23 – 27)
Children will explore the basics: how to read a recipe, proper use of tools and what’s the difference between sautéing, steaming, and boiling… Cooking is an art: tasting, adjusting, blending tastes and cuisines. Everything is on the table (and the stove) this week. And, as always, kids get to eat what they cook.

Baking with Ms Marna (July 30 – August 3)
Baking is a science. Lean why it matters how much baking powder you put in your cookies. How does yeast work, anyway? What is the trick to excellent pie dough? Answer these and many more baking questions as kids work with the Dessert Queen and get to eat what they bake.

Medieval Fencing with Ms Lael  (August 6 – 10)
A bit of history, a lot of safety, and a huge amount of fun! Ms. Lael will teach the history of medieval martial arts. This class teaches children how to move, block, and hit with various techniques used during medieval and renaissance time periods. We will also spend time with crafts, making forts and exploring defense tactics of this time period. All equipment is provided.

Modern Fencing with Ms Lael (August 13 – 17)
A little bit of history, a lot of safety, and a huge amount of fun! This class teaches children how to move, block, and score with modern sport fencing. Explore swords including: foils, sabers, and epées. We will also spend time learning about electricity and circuits to better understand modern scoring systems. All equipment is provided.

Application includes pricing and schedule