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Application includes pricing and schedule

Summer of Discovery (6 -10 year olds)

Download application for schedules and prices.

Summer Programs Are Open To All Children Including Those Who Do Not Attend MDS.

  • Children have fun and learn at the same time
  • 8 one week segments with different areas of focus
  • Hands on experimentation
  • Projects reflect students’ interests

Each group will be limited to 15 children. MDS staffers lead this program. Weekly sessions run Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Please note: Our elementary building is peanut free.

Week 1 – Cardboard! (June 26 – June 30)
Students will have the opportunity to take a humble medium and turn it into amazing objects! Rocket ships, shields, dioramas and more. If a child can imagine it we’ll see if it can be made out of cardboard.

Week 2 – Wax! (July 3 – 7) 
Ever wonder what to do with those broken and discarded crayons? Wonder no more! Children will explore the wonders of wax, including batik and wax resist projects.

Week 3 – Painting! (July 10 – 14)
Week 3 students will try their hand at a variety of painting techniques. Projects will include spatter, watercolor, drip and acrylic painting on a variety of surfaces.

Week 4 – Baking! (July 17 – 21)
Baking is a science as well as an art. Accurate measuring is important. Ingredients are not always interchangeable. Why do cakes rise? What’s the difference between baking soda, baking powder and yeast? We’ll bake up some tasty treats as well as conduct some experiments!

Week 5 – Games! Games! Games! (July 24 – 28)
Inside games, outside games, board games, cooperative games, strategy games! Who can resist them? We’ll investigate games of all sorts and maybe we’ll create one of our own!

Week 6 – Up-cycling! (July 31 – Aug. 4)
Never doubt that broken dishes, discarded Styrofoam trays and old sweaters can be up-cycled into fabulous, gift-worthy items.

Weeks 7 & 8 – Now We’re Cooking! (Aug. 7 – 11) & (Aug. 14 – 18)
Our last two weeks are devoted to our most popular theme! Your child can spend week 7 and/or 8 being their own chef! They will learn skills involved in food preparation and enjoy their own culinary creations.  The program culminates in week 8 with our annual craft sale to raise money for the local soup kitchen.

Application includes pricing and schedule