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The first step in our admissions process is an observation visit. Visits begin at 9:00 in the morning and are best scheduled on Tuesdays through Thursdays although we can be flexible if Monday or Friday is better for you. During the observation you will observe a classroom, tour our campus and meet with our head of school.

This is the time to ask your questions about our philosophy or the day to day workings of our school. During your visit, you will receive specific information about Montessori Discovery School programs as well as an application for admission.

Once you have satisfied yourself that Montessori Discovery School is a great place for your child and your family, complete the application for admission and return it to us, enclosing the $30 application fee. In addition, records from the students’ current schools are needed for applicants to the Elementary program.

Class Visit
Upon receipt of application, prospective students will be invited to visit the school. Students applying for the Toddler Program (18-36 months) visit for about 45 minutes, beginning at 8:00 a.m. Students applying for the Primary Program (3-6 year olds) visit for about an hour, beginning at 8:00 a.m. Elementary students visit for a morning or a full day, depending upon their age.

Admission Decisions
After the class visit, the directress makes an admission recommendation to the head of school. The head of school reviews the application and contacts the family with the final decision. Montessori Discovery School follows a rolling admissions basis.

Contact us to schedule a visit.

We offer weekly on-site observations of our classrooms so you can see how Montessori works.